Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TV Show Review: Glee

Okay, I've been away for a while. Things got extremely busy with work and life in general. I guess I also became a bit uninterested with the idea of this blog but I am going to try to start back.

My favorite time of the year is Fall TV Season. I love when my old favorite shows return and I get to check out what's new.

Glee has definitely made my list of favorite new fall shows. The show actually debuted over the summer but they only showed one episode. Now the season has finally started and tonight was the 3rd episode. I believe that this show as a lot of potential.

Premise: The show is about a high-school glee club that is just starting. The club is full of the unpopular "outcast" students. The show details their journey to win a national championship.

Starring: Most of the characters are relatively unknown (to me). I won't even bother naming the people because I didn't recognize any of their names and I watch a lot of TV.

Highlights: The singing and dancing is wonderful. So far they have featured current hits along with popular classics. The writing is terrific, the ironic humor is hilarious and exactly what I would have expected from the creator of Nip/Tuck (another fav show of mine).

Lowlights: The show can sometimes be a bit corny but that isn't a deal breaker because it is the funny type of corny.

Bottomline: This is a GREAT show. If you like music and comedy then you will love this show.

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Shawnta` said...

Glee is hilarious! I love this series. Definitely a must see this season. Sue cracks me up every episode. She's crazy.

Have you watched Modern Family? It's another good one. In my opinion, Cameron & Gloria are the scene stealers on this show. Very funny.pu