Saturday, February 28, 2009

Movie Review - Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday the 13th (2009) - "Been There, Done That"

Starring: Nobody you'd really know. Pretty much a bunch of B and C and D list actors which is somewhat expected.

Synopsis: If you've seen any of the Friday the 13th movies then you should already know what to expect. A bunch of kids go out in the woods. There is lots of debauchery (sex, drugs, etc.) and then the killing starts. There was definitely plenty of killing going on this movie, just like there was in all of the previous movies of this series. That pretty much sums up the movie, but then again doesn't that sum up any standard horror film?

I learned by doing some research that this movie is supposed to be a remake of the first four movies in the franchise. I didn't know this until after I saw the movie but it was pretty apparent during the movie. They took key parts from each of those movies but put a more current spin on them. The movie was based in current times which made sense. You have to look at this movie as a new starting point instead of trying to fit it in with the previous versions. There were things I liked and dislike about this movie.

Likes: They showed how Jason got the mask. They stuck to the standard scary movie rules (slutty girls die first). They gave a little background on why Jason was doing the killing (but I kinda already knew that).

Dislikes: Jason ran! WTF?? Jason doesn't run, he just walks around and then appears behind someone and kills them. Also they had this thing with tunnels that I thought was strange.

Tamara's Take: Wait for the TV release

Unless you are just a really big horror movie/Jason fan then I'd recommend skipping this movie. I enjoyed it because I am both and it was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. I am still somewhat confused as to why they remade the movie in the first place (since it really added nothing new to the franchise) but that tends to be the trend nowadays. It seems like the movie industry is becoming more and more uncreative with all these remakes. When it brings in money I guess that's all that counts!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Music Review - Album: "Youth Novels" by Lykke Li

Youth Novels by Lykke Li

1. "Melodies & Desires"
2. "Dance Dance Dance"
3. "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
4. "Let It Fall"
5. "My Love"
6. "Little Bit"
7. "Hanging High"
8. "This Trumpet in My Head"
9. "Complaint Department"
10. "Breaking It Up"
11. "Time Flies"
12. "Window Blues"

Tamara’s Take: Heavy Rotation

Lykke Li is a 22 year old Swedish indie singer. Her music has been described as a mix of soul, electro and pop. This is her first album and it was released in the US on May 6, 2008.

I first heard her song “I’m Good, I’m Gone” which was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I never followed through on finding out about the complete album until very recently. Now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the complete album I have fallen in love with it! I have been on a European kick lately and this fits right into that. The lyrics are amazing. I know I’ve said this before but I’m really big on lyrics – this is one of the main reasons I have been disappointed by a lot of R&B and Rap lately because the lyrics have been terrible. The beats and production are different from anything I’ve ever heard (in a good way). She comes off a little weird (at least to me) but I think it just adds to the whole package which is wonderful.

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. It isn’t new but if you haven’t heard it yet then I highly recommend that you check it out. *I thought I’d post my favorite line from each of the “Stand Out Tracks”, let me know what you think about that.* Also, check out some videos below!

Stand Out Tracks:
· “I’m Good, I’m Gone”(Well, say it now 'cause when I’m gone, You'll be callin' but I won't be at the phone)
· “Little Bit”( And for you I keep my legs apart, And forget about my tainted heart)
· “Complaint Department” (If you wanna complain, I'm not the complaint department)
· “Breaking It Up” (And I call you baby I will and I do, Persuade you in though I know that we're through)
· “Window Blues” (Don't lose your selfish ways for me)

Songs On Repeat: “Dance, Dance, Dance”, “Let It Fall”,

Solid Tracks: “Melodies & Desires”, “My Love”, “Hanging High”, “This Trumpet in My Head”, “Time Flies”

Skip It: *There are actually no songs on this album that I would skip.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music Review: India Irie - Testimony Vol 2.

India Arie – Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics

1. "Intro: Grains"
2. "Therapy"
3. "Ghetto"
4. "Chocolate High" (feat. Musiq Soulchild)
5. "He Heals Me"
6. "Interlude: Grains"
7. "Pearls" (feat. Dobet Gnahore)
8. "River Rise"
9. "Yellow" (feat. Terrell Carter)
10. "Better Way"
11. "Interlude: Grains"
12. "Long Goodbye"
13. "Psalms 23" (feat. MC Lyte)
14. "The Cure" (feat. Sezen Aksu)
15. "Outtro: Grains"
16. "A Beautiful Day"

Tamara’s Take: Heavy Rotation

Released on Feb 10th, 2009 this is her 4th album and a follow-up to her last album Testimony: Vol 1., Life & Relationship. I have to be honest, while I have always enjoyed her radio singles, I have never really listened to any of India Arie’s albums after Acoustic Soul (her 1st). After listening to this album I have decided that I may need to revisit her last two albums.

The album is full of everything I love about music…enjoyable beats, exquisite lyrics and a wonderful flow. I love her metaphors and the way her words create a picture in your mind. Plus, I’m a sucker for a love song full of heartbreak and she does not disappoint.

Stand Out Tracks: Chocolate High, Long Goodbye

Songs on Repeat: Therapy, Better Way

Solid Tracks: Ghetto, He Heals Me, Pearls, River Rise, Yellow, A Beautiful Day

Skip: The Cure

Monday, February 23, 2009

American Idol - 1st Group of 12 Elimination

Having the winners sing instead of the losers is a good look. Who wants to hear someone sing something that got them kicked off anyway?

Group Performance:
-I did not enjoy this part of the show. I think they jacked up a song I had actually started to like.

Past Idol Contestants Performance:
-I love this song but I don't really like them singing it. I just went ahead and fast-forwarded through this part of the show so I could get on with it.

Still In The Game:
-Alexsis: She was the best woman but that's not really saying a lot because the rest of them were pretty terrible. She actually sounds better this time, probably because she isn't nearly as nervous as she was the night before.
-Micheal: WTF! I am 100% against this one. This is some straight bullish. That song was wack and I don't think he has a chance in the long-run unless he gets back on track with his style.
-Danny: Pretty much expected

-Casey: Not surprised at all, guess being cute couldn't save her.
-Stephen: He didn't deserve it anyway after singing M.J., what were you thinking!
-Jackie: Blame it on that terrible outfit (oh and the bad singing)
-Braddy: He sounded good but not better than Danny or Anoop in my opinion and the fact that he didn't get any air time before the show last night didn't help.
-Anoop: I'm confused by his elimination, hopefully he will make it as one of the wild cards. That wonky eye did him in.
-Anne Marie: Just not the right song
-Brent: Perhaps he should have gone on Nashville Star
-Stevie: That performance was horrible and she should have already been prepared
-Tatiana: THANK GOODNESS and I really hope she isn't one of the wildcards

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I just already have a feeling that this is going to be some bullshit
-I really would like to see more than 3 people in this group move forward but oh well.
-Do they usually do group performances this early in the competition? Well they shouldn't!
-WHOA his jeans are tight!
-This playback of the previous night just made me realize how bad this night really was.
-They really draw these things out, I guess it creates suspense but it is also kind of annoying
-You did sound bad!
-I see they are using the show to pub the American Idol feature at some amusement park
-I didn't even recognize the two past Idol contestants but it is always interesting to hear what they've been up to.
-Tatiana has to know that she is going home being up there with Danny.
-I would stop watching if Danny doesn't make it through.
-Tatiana must have started taking some meds because she is unusually calm
-Was it messed up that Danny cheered so happily when he won while Tatiana stood there looking all sad? I don't think so....

American Idol - Top 36 Performance - 1st Group of 12

I know I'm almost a week sue me! I was out of the country. I haven't watched the reveal show yet and I've stayed away from American Idol blogs so it is like I'm watching it on schedule (for me anyway) LOL.

This is a little different....The most popular guy, most popular girl and the next highest person will make it through in each group. I will put my prediction in bold after each contestant review.

Theme: Hits from the Billboard Top 100

Simon Quotes:
-"I think that you actually played the clown tonight"
-"There's no point was terrible"
-"You shouldn't have been allowed to sing that song"
-"You know what it was, it was corny"

Contestants/Tamara's Thoughts:

-Jackie Tohn: "Little Less Conversation" by Elvis - What the hell is she wearing???? You are NOT Katy Perry (although neither of you can dance so maybe you are). Not at all impressed and I think this was a bad song choice. Did the judges hear something different than I did? UGH! I agree with Simon on all accounts.... GOODBYE

-Ricky Braddy: " ? by Leon Russell" - He's from NC so I will have to support but I didn't remember him AT ALL from any of the previous episodes. Nice voice and outfit. I don't know how I missed him before but he completely blew Jackie out of the water! Ok, so clearly they haven't been showing him which is why I hadn't seen him before. He does need to work on his charisma. GOODBYE

-Alexis Grace: "Never Loved a Man"by Aretha Franklin - Definitely NOT Aretha! Her look is straight. The song got better towards the end but I still wasn't impressed. Better than Jackie... I guess I didn't hear what the judges heard. STAY

-Brent Keith: "Hicktown" by ? - Love his dimples, he's a cutie. It was pretty boring to me. I forgot how he sounded as soon as it was over. If you want to be a country singer then why aren't you Nashville Star? GOODBYE

-Stevie Wright: "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift - Horrible!!!!!!! I don't know if she was nervous or what but no ma'am. She's cute but I don't think that will make up for how terrible her voice was. If Randy says you're "not hot" that's not a good sign. GOODBYE

-Anoop Desai: "Angel of Mine" by Monica - Once again, from NC so I will support! I'm still having an issue with his image. He has a great voice and this is one of my favorite Monica songs. I thought he did a great job despite what the judges said. STAY

-Casey Carlson: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police - She is very cute but looks a little bulimic. Those faces she was making were a bit much for me. Trying a little bit too hard. She didn't sound TERRIBLE but I just wasn't that impressed. I agree with Randy..."a bit karaoke" GOODBYE

-Michael Sarver: "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin - Why did you choose this song???? What happened to the soulful person we saw at the auditions??? You just look a mess. Some parts sounded very good but as a whole it was a complete miss for me. "The dog just didn't get it" GOODBYE

-Ann Marie Boskovich: "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin - Not nearly enough soul and emotion for this song. Didn't feel it at all. WOMP! GOODBYE

-Stephen Fowler: "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson - WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? NO NO NO! I really just want to scream or reach through the screen and slap him for choosing this song. I didn't like his style anyway so it is just as well. GOODBYE

-Tatiana Del Toro: "Saving All of My Love" by Whitney Houston - She looks like she has gained weight. I dislike her even more for jacking up one of my favorite Whitney songs. Please let this be the last time I have to see her sing. She is so dramatic and she makes my stomach turn. I do have to say that she actually didn't really act wild crazy this time but I can still see the crazy trying to bubble up and spill over. PLEASE GOODBYE

-Danny Gokey: "Hero" by Mariah Carey - He can sing but I still don't like people doing Mariah. He is still my favorite overall so far. I really like something about voice. I hope he makes it far but you never know when it comes down to "America" voting. STAY

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-What the heck is up with these judges????
-I'm bored by these introduction videos but I guess people want to know the back stories of these people,
-What Randy? The new country with the old country swagger? Shut up!
-Why do people insist on booing Simon? He's always telling the truth, guess some people can't handle the truth!
-If it isn't good then it isn't good! No need to be sad about telling them that they suck.
-Damn! I know Stevie wants to just break down and cry right now.
-How does Anoop know about this Monica song?? LOL
-Is it just me or does Kara just follow along with what everyone else says?
-Paula is crazy and makes random comments
-"The dog was lost"
-I'm adding Aretha Franklin to the list of artist whose songs people shouldn't sing
-Simon just dissed the whole crowd
-This guy hasn't done anything with that mess of a hairstyle? UGH
-Paula finally said something significant, "Rock with Me only belongs to one person"
-Double WOMP to Tatiana, this chick is still crying. Be gone!
-LOL @ the judges trying to get Tatiana to act crazy
-Apparently Danny just blew everyone else that performed tonight out of the water.
-Leave it to Simon to always keep it real! That's why he's my favorite.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Travel Break

I will be out of the country until this Friday so I don't know how much, if any, posting I will be able to do during the next week. I have lots of new music, movies, and products that I have tried recently that I am planning on reviewing so please stay tuned.

I'll be back soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 Reveal

Now we are starting to get to the good part of the show! I know I am a day late but dang! I'll try to do better although I'll be out of the country next week so I will be a few days late posting my review. Anyway, I have bolded my favorites so far.

Simon's Best:
"Do you want to keep the very attractive blond girl, or the other one?" "If it's any consolation, you wouldn't have won anyway" "What ARE you wearing?"

Top 36 Contestants:

Anoop - I support him because he's from NC and I do like his voice. What I don't like about him is his style. I think he needs a makeover and his eye is wonky but he can't really do anything about that.

Von Smith - who? He made no impression on me whatsoever. I don't see him going very far but you never know.

Alex - I liked him better than Cody but I still don't think he's all that great.

Adam Lambert - He has an "edgy" look so I think that had something to do with why he made it. I thought he was very dramatic with his singing and that he needs to tone it down.

Taylor Vaifanua - I like her, she's cute and I like her voice, it is very pop sounding

Jasmine Murray - She is my favorite on the women's side so far.

Arianna Afsar - who? Again, someone that I don't remember at all. Perhaps they just haven't given her a lot of camera time.

Casey Carlson - ummm...looks familiar but obviously not so great that I really remember how her voice sounds.

Megan Corkery - I mean dang, did I miss an episode or something because I don't remember her EITHER!

Mishavonna Henson - OK, I remember liking her voice and she has a nice look

Stevie Wright - I really wish I could say more about these people. This is turning into just a list because again I don't really remember her.

Joanna Pacitti - ohh yeah, this is that girl that had already been signed..I read on another website that they put her through but then removed her, I wonder what happened.

Kendall Beard - She made it because she has the "commericial" look. I thought her voice was alright but nothing super special

Kristen McNamara - her voice sounded better than Jenn to me even though I didn't like that she attempted Whitney. She does look a hot mess though!

Alexis Grace - Whoo hooo. Her voice is excellent although I'm not feeling that pink in her hair. I wonder how she'll do away from her baby.

Scott Macintyre - "Throw some shades on it", he sounds alright to me but I didn't particularly like his voice

Lil Rounds - Good choice, she is one of the best female singers in the comp. I knew she was going to make it because they keep playing up her back story. This should serve her well in the long run

Jessie - I don't think her look is as good as Frankie's but I liked her voice better so I'm glad she made it.

Allison Irahtea - 16? She has on entirely too much makeup and does not look 16 at all...this is why you have to ask to see ID fellas! Oh, and I liked her voice, haha.

Danny Gokey - He is my favorite contestant overall so far. I like the raspyness of his voice.

Ricky Braddy - who?

Matt Giraud - nice voice but something about him I didn't really like

Ju'Not Joyner - great voice, style improved since the audition show so that is a definite plus

Jorge Nunez - the next Enrique...sounds much better in Spanish than in English so we'll see how that plays out

Brent Keith - looks familiar but I don't remember his voice

Stephen Fowler - wonderful voice but he is a quitter so I don't think he deserved to get put through, oh and that hair is horrible....please cut it now!

Nick Mitchell - kind of surprising, kind of not. people will either love him or hate him, right now i'm actually on the love side but we'll see what happens

Jackie Tohn - LOL @ her taking her shoes off. I like her, I hope she does well in the comp

Tatiana - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!! How in HELL did she make it through???? Are you SERIOUS! This makes me want to stop watching the show. She gets on my nerves, I would be PISSED if I didn't make it through and she did!

Nathaniel - yes, what does he have on? I really think he made it because of entertainment value. He is a MESS, he is soooo dramatic and he will get cut early

Jeanine Vailes - I don't remember EVER seeing her

Kai Kalama - good voice but didn't do that well in Hollywood, I'll have to reserve judgement until next week

Anne Marie Boskovich - have like her since her audition

Kris Allen - who?

Matt Breitzke - great voice but it doesn't match his look to me

Michael Sarver - I think he is adorable and has a great voice

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-It's already clear that they are going to drag the hell out of this.
-Sing Off! LOL This is interesting
-Cody looks kind of scary and also like a girl
-I don't believe for a second that these people real care that the person they are singing against might go home....there can be only ONE American Idol!
-Dang you have to sit outside and listen to the person sing for your spot....that sucks
-If you don't want to sing against your "friends" then why are you in the competition? You will be singing against everyone else every night you sing.
-LOL @ Ryan saying that the sing-off is awkward and uncomfortable when I"m sure it was partially his idea to do it this way.
-I hate how they play with people, "it isn't good's great news!" Just say yes or no, playing games does not make it more entertaining for me
-I thought they were cutting people that forgot the words? I guess not......
-They are so dramatic at how they cut people, this has to be soul-crushing
-I wonder if her husband resents getting cut before her
-LOL @ how Simon just cuts to the chase
-Simon is clearly ALL about the looks!
-If you can't leave your baby then don't.
-Some of these people already look better from their original audition
-Frankie needs a better bra
-These grown men crying like little girls is both sad and hilarious at the same time
-They are so dramatic with this seperation of the BFFs, doesn't it really matter?? I mean once again, they both can't win.
-How are they going to get rid of Jamar and let some of those other clowns (Nate) get through? I didn't particularly like him and I definitely didn't see him winning the whole thing but he was better than some of the people that made it over him.
-I don't like who say they will do anything to make it through
-LOL @ some people's faces when Nick made it through and at Nathaniel jumping out to hug him
-I can't stand how Tatiana is so FREAKING EXTRA. She acted a plum fool in that room.
-LMAO @ Simon calling Paula out for promoting her jewelry on the show
-ROTFLMAO @ people's reaction when Tatiana came out of the room, especially Nathaniel's
-Hell to the naw @ those skinny jeans....his story is sad but that still doesn't excuse that horrible outfit
-I don't like overly dramatic people, which is why I am not a fan of Nathaniel OR Tatiana and the fact that they both made it through really upsets me
-I'm not sure what the expect when they put someone on the spot to sing at one of the biggest moments in their lives
-Why do they always have them dancing at the end looking extremely stupid

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week (Last Round)

Whew! Finally the last round of Hollywood week. Once this is over the next episode will reveal who the top 36 are and then we move on to where the competition starts to heat up.

This round of Hollywood Week the contestants perform on stage solo with a band and back-up singers.

Some Contestants:

Adam Lambert - I admit that he can sing but I just really don't like him. He did Cher and I don't think men should do Cher songs.

Matt Giraud - "Georgia on my Mind"....I really like it and he played the keyboard very well.

Jamar Rodgers - I like him but I didn't like how extra he was with his song and that piercing on his cheek still bothers me.

Danny - LOVES HIM! I hope he continues to do well although he may need a bit of a makeover to make him a bit more marketable.

Anoop Desai - He can blow but it just doesn't match his look

Jorge Nunez - Sounds better in Spanish

Scott (blind guy) - He can sing but he's no Stevie

Kendell - If she makes it, it is because she's cute

Stevie Wright - Nothing special to me

Lil Rounds - She should make it to the next round

Kristen McNamara - It sounded like she was screaming, she shouldn't make it through

Mishavonna Henson - I like something about her voice

Tatiana - Why does she keep trying to sing Whitney?? UGHHHHHH. She needs to get cut NOW!
Jasmine Murray - I think she is so cute and I hope she makes it through

Joanna - Awww, I'm sad she forgot the words because she can sing

Stephen - He asked to start over and still couldn't finish, too bad because he could sing.

Ju'Not Joyner - 1st time I've seen him, he sounds alright but I don't know if he's cute enough

Leneshe Young - I think she has a great voice. Too bad she didn't make it!


Room 1 - nade it - YEAH!! Some of my favorite people were in this room so I'm happy about this one
Room 2 - made it - I don't agree AT ALL with some of the people in this room that made it (I'm talking about you Nathaniel)
Room 3 - cut - I'm not surprised by most in this room but I really thought Lanesha would make it
Room 4 -made it - What in the world, I could have done without anyone in that room ESPECIALLY Tatiana. I really hope she doesn't turn into another Sanjaya.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I know Jamar and Danny are friends but are they MORE??? LOL
-Is it wrong that I think the blind guy should wear shades, his eyes creep me out.
-LOL @ the girl that got cussed out and how they tried to play her
-The way they do this holding room thing just HAS to be nerve wrecking! I'd hate to look around and see people that I thought sucked because then you just know you are out.
-I can't STAND Tatianya (or however you spell her name), how the hell did she make it this far!?? LMAO @ her and how delusional she is. Is this an act or is she for real?
-BOO to this guy singing Disturbia with a guitar! I can't stand him either.
-People are STILL messing up sad
-So they even out the guys and the girls? I KNOW they aren't moving Tatiana to a room that gets through! I hope they are moving her to a room that is getting cut.
-Who cares about Nick or Norman, uhhh both are WACK! He needs to just sit it down. Maybe he can have a career as a comedian.
-I know it is hard for the judges to make this decision
-Why do people think it is okay to be barefoot on what I am sure is a dirty ass floor?
-I'd be upset if Tatiana came in my room too!
-They really drag this mess out.
-Making them wait like this is kind of wrong! I mean I know this just has to tear them apart.
-I think they throw some "bad" people in rooms just to mess with people's minds. They know these people won't make it any further but they let them get through this part just to add some doubt in the contestants' minds
-Why do the judges play these mind games....I guess it is really for our benefit.
-LOL @ how Tatiana is over in the corner shaking, crying and then got up and gave the judges a hug.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Product Review: SNUGGIE

I saw the commercial for the Snuggie a while back and I was immediately intrigued. I DO struggle with keeping my arms covered by my blanket while trying to do various tasks such as reading a book, typing on my computer and playing Playstation 3. When I was at Walgreens the other day, I saw that they are selling Snuggies and I just had to pick one up.

Official Product Description: Snuggie™ is made with super soft, thick, luxurious fleece with roomy, oversized sleeves that let you do what you want while still being totally wrapped in warmth.

Tamara's Take: A+ This thing is wonderful! Now I realize that the infomercial is completely ridiculous which is probably why the Snuggie has gotten such a bad rap. I am the type of person who loves to be underneath a blanket. If I am sitting on the couch then I am under a blanket and I have now found the perfect blanket to be under. It is soft, warm and comfortable. I love the fact that my arms stay covered while I talk on the phone or eat a snack.

I don't support wearing this thing out in public though...that is just lame and would be detrimental to your kid if you wore this at any of their sporting events. I also think that all these people talking sh*t about the Snuggie either have one at home or wish they did!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy's Review Part 2


M.I.A./Jay-Z/Kanye/Lil' Wayne/T.I. - Jay's verse is my favorite. I like their outfits and how they made it be black and white for TV. It was just okay for me, nothing mind-blowing.

Paul McCarthy - might be time to let it go. I love this song but every time he goes for the high note it just makes me cringe. sigh.

Sugarland/Adele -I love both of these songs and they both sound great live. They really need to start playing Adele's songs on the radio. This is the best performance of the night.I think she (Adele) looks very nice too.

Radiohead - I know of them but I'm not that familiar with their songs. Hmmm...interesting performance. I did like the band aspect.

T.I./Justin Timberlake - I had high hopes for this one....Justin is a great performer but T.I. sounded off beat. I like T.I.(he's a cutie) but I don't LOVE him. The chorus is the best part of this performance and song.

Neyo/Jamie Foxx/Remaining Members of the Four Tops - Now I love the Four Tops and Smokey but I'm just not sure how I feel about this. I like the tribute aspect of it because that was a wonderful group. I will have to give this 2 thumbs up because I LOVE the songs they did and Smokey still has IT!

Neil Diamond - I have to respect him for the amazing artist he is but I'm not feeling this performance at all. It is just boring to me.

BB King/John Mayer - Nice little tribute.

Lil Wayne/Alan/Robin Thicke - I'm glad he chose this song instead of one of his ignorant songs. I think Robin Thicke is awkward. This was actually one of the best performances of the night. (Not better than Sugarland/Adele though) The piano solo at the end was hot! Oh, and the band and dancers! Excellent.

Robert Plant/Alison Krauss - Why have I never heard of them before? Kind of boring performance but I liked to song so I might have to try to find their album.

Stevie Wonder - You shouldn't get to perform again after that foolishness with The Jonas Brothers.

Best Male Pop Vocal: John Mayer....I like him, plus, I didn't consider some of those other nominees "pop".
Best Rap Album: Lil surprise here, I mean he is the hottest thing out right now. I'm just glad he didn't get up there and say anything crazy!
Album of the Year: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss....who? really? I guess the album must be very good since it won?

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-M.I.A. is entirely too pregnant to be out there on the stage. She looked like she might go into labor at any moment. What does she have on? Is that a bathing suit? I can't take it.
-I like this black & white thing...I still think Lil' Wayne is crazy.
-Is it just me or are these performances lacking this year?
-Jack Black is married?
-How are you the Rock and Roll Jesus but you in the pop category?
-And down goes another joke
-So is Beyonce not here tonight? boo :(
- I'm getting sleepy and this is getting boring, I might not make it through the end, not like anyone is going to actually read this anyway!
-What Samuel? He is forever yelling!
-Jay-Z needs to cut his hair too! UGH.
-Obama won a Grammy?
-blah, blah, blah!
-I love the Four Tops! They have some wonderful songs. Aww, the remaining member can't really sing anymore :(
-Where is Christina Aguilera? Didn't she have a new single out late last year?
-I will definitely be watching Harper's Island!
-Do they always have a bunch of old people perform at the Grammy's?
-DANG a lot of people died this past year!
-LOL @ Lil' Wayne dancing all around the stage talking about "feet don't fail me now"
-Why do rap artists have to bring up about 30 people when they win an award? You don't see country artists doing stuff like that.
-I like Zooey, she's so cute.
-LMAO @ them cutting on the wrap it up music on the Album of the Year winners, they should get to talk as long as they want.

Grammy's Review Part 1


U2 - I'm not a big U2 fan although I respect that they are great artists. I believe this was a brand new song that they were debuting for the Grammy's. It was pretty good. The song of course had a "message".

Al Green/Justin Timberlake - I love some Al Green but I don't know how much longer he should be performing although I'd take an old Al Green over Solider Boy any day. Of course Justin was good, even though there is something about him I don't like, he's a great singer/performer.

Coldplay/Jay-Z - Don't know the song....but I like. I especially liked Jay's rap, it was deep and actually had some meaning unlike most of the rap that is popular today. I might need to revisit their latest album.

Carrie Underwood - Love this song! The band was excellent and her outfit was interesting. I wasn't that impressed by her performance though which was kind of disappointing.

Kid Rock - He's doing inspirational songs now? This is a bit odd to me but okay. I did hear he was going to switch to gospel music. I like Kid Rock and this was a very good performance.

Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus - I guess I can kind of understand this pairing. Taylor sounded way better than Miley. Cute song.

Jennifer Hudson - She is just an amazing singer, much better than these manufactured artists. I don't know this song but I know that she SANG it!

Jonas Brothers/Stevie Wonder - Is Stevie using autotune?? I just really don't think The Jonas Brothers can sing, they sound horrible live to me but for some reason people love them. The only thing that saved this performance for was was Stevie, loves him!

Katy Perry - TRASH! Just another studio artist that sounds terrible live. She shoulda just lip synched then at least it would have sounded decent. She can't dance either...just a mess.

Kanye West/Estelle - I can't get pass the hot mess that Kanye is to really evaluate this performance. She doesn't sound as good live, I do know that much.

Kenny Chesney - Nice song and performance

Best R&B Album: Jennifer Hudson.....she's been through a lot recently so I'm happy that she won. Plus, I hadn't even heard some of those other albums.
Best Country Duo/Group: Sugarland - Stay.....I LOVE this song and the group. Although I like Lady Antebellum's album more.
Song of the Year: Coldplay - Viva la Viva....booo, I like all of the other songs way more than I like this song.
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: Rich Woman...I don't know these people who won or the song they won it for.
Best Rock Album: Coldplay...again??
Best New Artist: Adele....YEAH!!! I'm so happy she won, her album is wonderful and I like the fact that they actually let a plus size white woman win.
Record of the Year: Robert Plant -Please Read This Letter...still don't know who these people are.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
- OK Ms. Whitney! She looks great, damn those drugs, I think they've just messed her up permanently :/
- I'm still made they are remaking that Witch Mountain movie, but damn The Rock is FINE!
-LMAO @ Katy Perry's face
-Umm, is The Rock hosting?? Really??? 5 minutes in and he's already bombed 3 jokes.
-Is it just me or does the crowd seem really subdued?
-I love Duffy! I wish she got more airplay here.
-So they are BFF's now??
-What is Rich Woman and is it really pop?
-I'm glad Jennifer changed, I like this outfit much better than the last.
-Whose idea was it to combine Stevie Wonder (great) with The Jonas Brothers(trash)?? They should be fired.
-Is his arm still messed up from the plane crash?
-Kayne West's hair??? WTF is going on with him? He is too much with his smart ass comments.
-Morgan Freeman has a great voice, who is the next Morgan Freeman??
-Natalie King Cole looks like she's lost some weight.

Friday, February 6, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week Pt. 2 (Group Round)

I don't particularly like the group portion of American Idol. I think it is unfair and just there to stir up some drama for the audience. If I want drama I will watch the Real World or some other lame reality show. I also don't think they should let people pick their own groups because then some people are left out in the cold. I guess I understand the need for the group round, so many people combined with so little time to get through them all. At least it is just one episode.

ARG! They spent entirely too much time on this manufactured drama and not nearly enough time on letting us hear the groups sing. It kills me how these people are acting like they are best friends when there will be only ONE American Idol so they are all secretly hoping that everyone else will fail.

Whoa! If you forget the words then you're out? I guess that's how things are but that sucks for you if you have a bad memory and/or didn't already know the song. And of course there were a bunch of people that completely f'ed up the words.

Now for the groups....

White Chocolate: India, Justin, Chris and Matt
-Song: Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"
-They sounded really good as a group even and they all made it through even though I don't think India should have made it because she was mainly rapping and this isn't America's Next Rap Star

Shelby, Julissa, Jorge, Nick
- The girls got cut (and rightly so) and the guys made it through. They didn't show the guys sing this episode but I remember from previous ones that they were alright.

Action Squad: Alex, Ryan, Anne Marie, Emily
-I don't think they sounded good as a group at all! Aww, I liked Emily, it is too bad she forgot the words. She wouldn't have won anyway.
-LOL @ Ryan saying he saw an evil in Paula's got cut, deal with it!
-I don't know if Alex or Anne Marie really should have made it through, they were okay but not mind blowing for me.

Rainbow Coalition: Danny, Jamar, Taylor, random girl whose name I didn't catch
-Amazing! They all made it which I agree with. As much as I didn't really care for Danny seemingly pimping out his wife's death for sympathy votes he is quickly becoming my favorite contestant. He tore it down when he did "Kiss from a Rose" and tonight he was just as good. I look forward to hearing more from him.

Team Diva: Rose, Bikini Girl, Lauren, Jasmine
-Only Jasmine made it which works for me because she was the best out of the group. Rose was good but she forgot the words so that's probably why she didn't make it. The Bikini girl is a b!tch and she couldn't really sing so I'm glad she went home.

Muna, Tatiana, random 1 and random 2
- BOOOO BOOOO BOOOO BOOOO! I can't STAND Tatiana, she better NOT make it any further or I just don't know if I can keep watching this how. I mean is she serious? Is she?? UGH! They all made it through, WOMP.

Compromise: Nathaniel, Nancy, Kristin
- I'm not really sure why any of them even made it this far especially that Nathaniel. And somehow Nathaniel and Kristin made it through to the next round. I didn't think Nancy was going to make it anyway so ohh well.

Some other people made it some other people didn't. I'm just ready for them to get down to business.

Simon's Quotes: "Does anyone have any Advil? Well you're going to need a crate.", "A session of horrors."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music Review: Rihanna - Hatin' On the Club

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Rihanna. I truly don't believe that she is a good singer. I think her voice is weak and at times borderline annoying. That being said, I can't help but LOVE her songs! I am very confused by this, maybe it is due to the fact that she is forced down my throat by her media team or the fact that she does utilize talented producers/writers and therefore creates songs with catchy beats and lyrics. I can't ignore the fact that she dominated the charts in 2008 while simultaneously becoming a fashion icon.

Embedded below is a song of hers I recently came across on one of the (many) music blogs I read. I immediately liked it even though must of the comments on youtube have been negative. It reminds me of an old Motown song which is the main reason I like it. The beat is decent and the melody is catchy. Plus, I know there are a lot of women out there that can relate to the lyrics, LOL.

Take a listen and tell me what you think in the comments!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week

Idol Boot Camp
- a new addition that included a stylist, vocal coach and mentor (Barry Manilow), at least the people that don't make it will have gotten some free advice that could possible help them out down the road

-"I thought it was indulgent nonsense; it's something a kid would do when they're learning to sing at age 10"

-Uhh well there isn't really a point in talking about individual people since they will be getting cut down tomorrow.

Tamara's Train of Thought
- Why is her name "Lil"?
-Stop inserting the judges into songs, it's wack
-This cutting process is crucial
-LMAO @ the dude telling Simon off and calling his clothes cheap
-Umm...really @ the homeboy that started breaking down
-whoa! Eyebrows!
-whew he is VERY dramatic
-apparently they should have had a longer session on how to pick the correct song
-this is why they shouldn't have let this Norman character through
-why does she have on that sparkly fanny pack?
-HA! @ Simon making the "claw's coming out" sounds
-It must suck to be on the row that gets cut :(
-Do people think that arguing with the judges will get you through?

Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Review

This was the first time I actually watched the entire Superbowl. I generally will tune in for a few commercials and maybe the half-time show but never the entire game. I enjoyed this year’s game and I’m glad I decided to watch. Here are my thoughts on the performances and commercials:

National Anthem:
Performed by Jennifer Hudson – 9
It is hard to get a 10 on this song because it just isn’t really an easy song to sing. That being said, Ms. Hudson did a beautiful job. I would definitely put her in my top 10 National Anthem performances list. She hit all the notes and added her own twist to the song (in a good way).

Half-time Show:
Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band – 6
I will have to admit that I’m not a Springsteen fan so my judgment may be skewed. I thought his performance was okay, he’s very energetic for a somewhat old guy. I didn’t recognize any of the songs so that didn’t help with my opinion of the performance. I would not count this half-time show as one that I will remember.

This is the best part of the Superbowl for me. I love to see the new commercials that are rolled out during this time. The past few years have been kind of blah when it comes to the commercials. This year was better than last year but I don’t think we will ever get back to the days of the Budbowl.

I thought I’d mention some of the rivalries and point out who came out on top.

Coke vs Pepsi: This was a tough one but I’d have to give it to Coke overall. The Pepsi commercials were much funnier (although pretty stupid) however I picked Coke because their commercials were superior as far as creativity and graphics are concerned. I loved the one where the bugs stole the guys Coke.

Budlight vs Budwiser: My choice is Budwiser. There is something about those Clydesdales that I just love. Budlight went the slapstick humor route which is getting old to me. Budwiser’s humor was more intelligent and very creative. My favorite one was when the Clydesdale went to find his love at the circus.

Careerbuilder vs Careerbuilder all the way! While the commercial was humorous it didn’t make me laugh nearly as much as the Careerbuilder commercial. The best part was when the Koala got punched in the face.

There were so many commercials shown, here are my Top 5 (In no particular order).

E-Trade Babies: Even though I think these talking babies are creepy it was hilarious when the one baby started singing.

Pedigree: “Maybe you should get a dog”, I love just about any commercial that involves animals. You just can’t go wrong with animals. The little old lady running behind the ostrich – great!

Teleflora: The talking flowers in the box were wonderful. I hadn’t heard of this company before but I thought that they had a great commercial.

Cheetos: I just enjoy the evilness of Chester.

NBC Promos: The various promos for their shows were great. I especially enjoyed the LMAO clinic, ingenious.

I don’t feel the need to mention any of the many pointless and stupid commercials.

So what are your thoughts on the Superbowl commercials?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Band Review: Band of Oz

The Band of Oz is a Beach Music band that was formed in 1967 to play fraternity parties and high-school proms all over the South. Over the years they have had a variety of members and worked on refining their sounds. Today the band features a full horn section to total a dynamic eight-member group. They perform well over two-hundred shows per year for corporate events, festivals, concerts, wedding receptions and many other public and private events.

This weekend my company held an event where the Band of Oz performed and they were WONDERFUL! They performed a wide variety of songs ranging over multiple decades. They mainly stayed in the Motown era which is my favorite. They mixed in some disco and soul jams as well. The group members were very interactive and had parts of their show where they grabbed people from the crowd and had them come to the stage to participate in the performance. The band kept the crowd engaged and entertained.

The singers were excellent. Honestly I had my doubts on the quality of the group when I visited their website but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually heard them. They harmonized perfectly and the instrument players were great as well.

The best part of the performance was the last portion. The group did a medley of Temptation songs. I love The Temptations and this was one of the best medleys I've heard from this type of group.

Tamara's Take: A - Excellent
If you have the need to book a live band for an event then by all means book this one, they won't disappoint!