Friday, February 27, 2009

Music Review - Album: "Youth Novels" by Lykke Li

Youth Novels by Lykke Li

1. "Melodies & Desires"
2. "Dance Dance Dance"
3. "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
4. "Let It Fall"
5. "My Love"
6. "Little Bit"
7. "Hanging High"
8. "This Trumpet in My Head"
9. "Complaint Department"
10. "Breaking It Up"
11. "Time Flies"
12. "Window Blues"

Tamara’s Take: Heavy Rotation

Lykke Li is a 22 year old Swedish indie singer. Her music has been described as a mix of soul, electro and pop. This is her first album and it was released in the US on May 6, 2008.

I first heard her song “I’m Good, I’m Gone” which was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I never followed through on finding out about the complete album until very recently. Now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the complete album I have fallen in love with it! I have been on a European kick lately and this fits right into that. The lyrics are amazing. I know I’ve said this before but I’m really big on lyrics – this is one of the main reasons I have been disappointed by a lot of R&B and Rap lately because the lyrics have been terrible. The beats and production are different from anything I’ve ever heard (in a good way). She comes off a little weird (at least to me) but I think it just adds to the whole package which is wonderful.

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. It isn’t new but if you haven’t heard it yet then I highly recommend that you check it out. *I thought I’d post my favorite line from each of the “Stand Out Tracks”, let me know what you think about that.* Also, check out some videos below!

Stand Out Tracks:
· “I’m Good, I’m Gone”(Well, say it now 'cause when I’m gone, You'll be callin' but I won't be at the phone)
· “Little Bit”( And for you I keep my legs apart, And forget about my tainted heart)
· “Complaint Department” (If you wanna complain, I'm not the complaint department)
· “Breaking It Up” (And I call you baby I will and I do, Persuade you in though I know that we're through)
· “Window Blues” (Don't lose your selfish ways for me)

Songs On Repeat: “Dance, Dance, Dance”, “Let It Fall”,

Solid Tracks: “Melodies & Desires”, “My Love”, “Hanging High”, “This Trumpet in My Head”, “Time Flies”

Skip It: *There are actually no songs on this album that I would skip.


Token Black Chick said...

Oooh! I love those lines from the songs! I think I'm gonna have to get that. Since you're still on your Euro kick, Lily Allen has a new CD; I haven't heard it, but she's always good for some bitter lyrics. And Adele's CD is supposed to be good; I have it but I haven't listened to the whole thing yet.

Happyrunningbunny said...

I have Lily Allen's new CD...not as good as I expected. Adele's CD is wonderful! I've had it since it first came out. I need to post reviews for both....