Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 Reveal

Now we are starting to get to the good part of the show! I know I am a day late but dang! I'll try to do better although I'll be out of the country next week so I will be a few days late posting my review. Anyway, I have bolded my favorites so far.

Simon's Best:
"Do you want to keep the very attractive blond girl, or the other one?" "If it's any consolation, you wouldn't have won anyway" "What ARE you wearing?"

Top 36 Contestants:

Anoop - I support him because he's from NC and I do like his voice. What I don't like about him is his style. I think he needs a makeover and his eye is wonky but he can't really do anything about that.

Von Smith - who? He made no impression on me whatsoever. I don't see him going very far but you never know.

Alex - I liked him better than Cody but I still don't think he's all that great.

Adam Lambert - He has an "edgy" look so I think that had something to do with why he made it. I thought he was very dramatic with his singing and that he needs to tone it down.

Taylor Vaifanua - I like her, she's cute and I like her voice, it is very pop sounding

Jasmine Murray - She is my favorite on the women's side so far.

Arianna Afsar - who? Again, someone that I don't remember at all. Perhaps they just haven't given her a lot of camera time.

Casey Carlson - ummm...looks familiar but obviously not so great that I really remember how her voice sounds.

Megan Corkery - I mean dang, did I miss an episode or something because I don't remember her EITHER!

Mishavonna Henson - OK, I remember liking her voice and she has a nice look

Stevie Wright - I really wish I could say more about these people. This is turning into just a list because again I don't really remember her.

Joanna Pacitti - ohh yeah, this is that girl that had already been signed..I read on another website that they put her through but then removed her, I wonder what happened.

Kendall Beard - She made it because she has the "commericial" look. I thought her voice was alright but nothing super special

Kristen McNamara - her voice sounded better than Jenn to me even though I didn't like that she attempted Whitney. She does look a hot mess though!

Alexis Grace - Whoo hooo. Her voice is excellent although I'm not feeling that pink in her hair. I wonder how she'll do away from her baby.

Scott Macintyre - "Throw some shades on it", he sounds alright to me but I didn't particularly like his voice

Lil Rounds - Good choice, she is one of the best female singers in the comp. I knew she was going to make it because they keep playing up her back story. This should serve her well in the long run

Jessie - I don't think her look is as good as Frankie's but I liked her voice better so I'm glad she made it.

Allison Irahtea - 16? She has on entirely too much makeup and does not look 16 at all...this is why you have to ask to see ID fellas! Oh, and I liked her voice, haha.

Danny Gokey - He is my favorite contestant overall so far. I like the raspyness of his voice.

Ricky Braddy - who?

Matt Giraud - nice voice but something about him I didn't really like

Ju'Not Joyner - great voice, style improved since the audition show so that is a definite plus

Jorge Nunez - the next Enrique...sounds much better in Spanish than in English so we'll see how that plays out

Brent Keith - looks familiar but I don't remember his voice

Stephen Fowler - wonderful voice but he is a quitter so I don't think he deserved to get put through, oh and that hair is horrible....please cut it now!

Nick Mitchell - kind of surprising, kind of not. people will either love him or hate him, right now i'm actually on the love side but we'll see what happens

Jackie Tohn - LOL @ her taking her shoes off. I like her, I hope she does well in the comp

Tatiana - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!! How in HELL did she make it through???? Are you SERIOUS! This makes me want to stop watching the show. She gets on my nerves, I would be PISSED if I didn't make it through and she did!

Nathaniel - yes, what does he have on? I really think he made it because of entertainment value. He is a MESS, he is soooo dramatic and he will get cut early

Jeanine Vailes - I don't remember EVER seeing her

Kai Kalama - good voice but didn't do that well in Hollywood, I'll have to reserve judgement until next week

Anne Marie Boskovich - have like her since her audition

Kris Allen - who?

Matt Breitzke - great voice but it doesn't match his look to me

Michael Sarver - I think he is adorable and has a great voice

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-It's already clear that they are going to drag the hell out of this.
-Sing Off! LOL This is interesting
-Cody looks kind of scary and also like a girl
-I don't believe for a second that these people real care that the person they are singing against might go home....there can be only ONE American Idol!
-Dang you have to sit outside and listen to the person sing for your spot....that sucks
-If you don't want to sing against your "friends" then why are you in the competition? You will be singing against everyone else every night you sing.
-LOL @ Ryan saying that the sing-off is awkward and uncomfortable when I"m sure it was partially his idea to do it this way.
-I hate how they play with people, "it isn't good's great news!" Just say yes or no, playing games does not make it more entertaining for me
-I thought they were cutting people that forgot the words? I guess not......
-They are so dramatic at how they cut people, this has to be soul-crushing
-I wonder if her husband resents getting cut before her
-LOL @ how Simon just cuts to the chase
-Simon is clearly ALL about the looks!
-If you can't leave your baby then don't.
-Some of these people already look better from their original audition
-Frankie needs a better bra
-These grown men crying like little girls is both sad and hilarious at the same time
-They are so dramatic with this seperation of the BFFs, doesn't it really matter?? I mean once again, they both can't win.
-How are they going to get rid of Jamar and let some of those other clowns (Nate) get through? I didn't particularly like him and I definitely didn't see him winning the whole thing but he was better than some of the people that made it over him.
-I don't like who say they will do anything to make it through
-LOL @ some people's faces when Nick made it through and at Nathaniel jumping out to hug him
-I can't stand how Tatiana is so FREAKING EXTRA. She acted a plum fool in that room.
-LMAO @ Simon calling Paula out for promoting her jewelry on the show
-ROTFLMAO @ people's reaction when Tatiana came out of the room, especially Nathaniel's
-Hell to the naw @ those skinny jeans....his story is sad but that still doesn't excuse that horrible outfit
-I don't like overly dramatic people, which is why I am not a fan of Nathaniel OR Tatiana and the fact that they both made it through really upsets me
-I'm not sure what the expect when they put someone on the spot to sing at one of the biggest moments in their lives
-Why do they always have them dancing at the end looking extremely stupid

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