Monday, February 23, 2009

American Idol - 1st Group of 12 Elimination

Having the winners sing instead of the losers is a good look. Who wants to hear someone sing something that got them kicked off anyway?

Group Performance:
-I did not enjoy this part of the show. I think they jacked up a song I had actually started to like.

Past Idol Contestants Performance:
-I love this song but I don't really like them singing it. I just went ahead and fast-forwarded through this part of the show so I could get on with it.

Still In The Game:
-Alexsis: She was the best woman but that's not really saying a lot because the rest of them were pretty terrible. She actually sounds better this time, probably because she isn't nearly as nervous as she was the night before.
-Micheal: WTF! I am 100% against this one. This is some straight bullish. That song was wack and I don't think he has a chance in the long-run unless he gets back on track with his style.
-Danny: Pretty much expected

-Casey: Not surprised at all, guess being cute couldn't save her.
-Stephen: He didn't deserve it anyway after singing M.J., what were you thinking!
-Jackie: Blame it on that terrible outfit (oh and the bad singing)
-Braddy: He sounded good but not better than Danny or Anoop in my opinion and the fact that he didn't get any air time before the show last night didn't help.
-Anoop: I'm confused by his elimination, hopefully he will make it as one of the wild cards. That wonky eye did him in.
-Anne Marie: Just not the right song
-Brent: Perhaps he should have gone on Nashville Star
-Stevie: That performance was horrible and she should have already been prepared
-Tatiana: THANK GOODNESS and I really hope she isn't one of the wildcards

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I just already have a feeling that this is going to be some bullshit
-I really would like to see more than 3 people in this group move forward but oh well.
-Do they usually do group performances this early in the competition? Well they shouldn't!
-WHOA his jeans are tight!
-This playback of the previous night just made me realize how bad this night really was.
-They really draw these things out, I guess it creates suspense but it is also kind of annoying
-You did sound bad!
-I see they are using the show to pub the American Idol feature at some amusement park
-I didn't even recognize the two past Idol contestants but it is always interesting to hear what they've been up to.
-Tatiana has to know that she is going home being up there with Danny.
-I would stop watching if Danny doesn't make it through.
-Tatiana must have started taking some meds because she is unusually calm
-Was it messed up that Danny cheered so happily when he won while Tatiana stood there looking all sad? I don't think so....

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