Monday, February 23, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 Performance - 1st Group of 12

I know I'm almost a week sue me! I was out of the country. I haven't watched the reveal show yet and I've stayed away from American Idol blogs so it is like I'm watching it on schedule (for me anyway) LOL.

This is a little different....The most popular guy, most popular girl and the next highest person will make it through in each group. I will put my prediction in bold after each contestant review.

Theme: Hits from the Billboard Top 100

Simon Quotes:
-"I think that you actually played the clown tonight"
-"There's no point was terrible"
-"You shouldn't have been allowed to sing that song"
-"You know what it was, it was corny"

Contestants/Tamara's Thoughts:

-Jackie Tohn: "Little Less Conversation" by Elvis - What the hell is she wearing???? You are NOT Katy Perry (although neither of you can dance so maybe you are). Not at all impressed and I think this was a bad song choice. Did the judges hear something different than I did? UGH! I agree with Simon on all accounts.... GOODBYE

-Ricky Braddy: " ? by Leon Russell" - He's from NC so I will have to support but I didn't remember him AT ALL from any of the previous episodes. Nice voice and outfit. I don't know how I missed him before but he completely blew Jackie out of the water! Ok, so clearly they haven't been showing him which is why I hadn't seen him before. He does need to work on his charisma. GOODBYE

-Alexis Grace: "Never Loved a Man"by Aretha Franklin - Definitely NOT Aretha! Her look is straight. The song got better towards the end but I still wasn't impressed. Better than Jackie... I guess I didn't hear what the judges heard. STAY

-Brent Keith: "Hicktown" by ? - Love his dimples, he's a cutie. It was pretty boring to me. I forgot how he sounded as soon as it was over. If you want to be a country singer then why aren't you Nashville Star? GOODBYE

-Stevie Wright: "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift - Horrible!!!!!!! I don't know if she was nervous or what but no ma'am. She's cute but I don't think that will make up for how terrible her voice was. If Randy says you're "not hot" that's not a good sign. GOODBYE

-Anoop Desai: "Angel of Mine" by Monica - Once again, from NC so I will support! I'm still having an issue with his image. He has a great voice and this is one of my favorite Monica songs. I thought he did a great job despite what the judges said. STAY

-Casey Carlson: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police - She is very cute but looks a little bulimic. Those faces she was making were a bit much for me. Trying a little bit too hard. She didn't sound TERRIBLE but I just wasn't that impressed. I agree with Randy..."a bit karaoke" GOODBYE

-Michael Sarver: "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin - Why did you choose this song???? What happened to the soulful person we saw at the auditions??? You just look a mess. Some parts sounded very good but as a whole it was a complete miss for me. "The dog just didn't get it" GOODBYE

-Ann Marie Boskovich: "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin - Not nearly enough soul and emotion for this song. Didn't feel it at all. WOMP! GOODBYE

-Stephen Fowler: "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson - WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? NO NO NO! I really just want to scream or reach through the screen and slap him for choosing this song. I didn't like his style anyway so it is just as well. GOODBYE

-Tatiana Del Toro: "Saving All of My Love" by Whitney Houston - She looks like she has gained weight. I dislike her even more for jacking up one of my favorite Whitney songs. Please let this be the last time I have to see her sing. She is so dramatic and she makes my stomach turn. I do have to say that she actually didn't really act wild crazy this time but I can still see the crazy trying to bubble up and spill over. PLEASE GOODBYE

-Danny Gokey: "Hero" by Mariah Carey - He can sing but I still don't like people doing Mariah. He is still my favorite overall so far. I really like something about voice. I hope he makes it far but you never know when it comes down to "America" voting. STAY

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-What the heck is up with these judges????
-I'm bored by these introduction videos but I guess people want to know the back stories of these people,
-What Randy? The new country with the old country swagger? Shut up!
-Why do people insist on booing Simon? He's always telling the truth, guess some people can't handle the truth!
-If it isn't good then it isn't good! No need to be sad about telling them that they suck.
-Damn! I know Stevie wants to just break down and cry right now.
-How does Anoop know about this Monica song?? LOL
-Is it just me or does Kara just follow along with what everyone else says?
-Paula is crazy and makes random comments
-"The dog was lost"
-I'm adding Aretha Franklin to the list of artist whose songs people shouldn't sing
-Simon just dissed the whole crowd
-This guy hasn't done anything with that mess of a hairstyle? UGH
-Paula finally said something significant, "Rock with Me only belongs to one person"
-Double WOMP to Tatiana, this chick is still crying. Be gone!
-LOL @ the judges trying to get Tatiana to act crazy
-Apparently Danny just blew everyone else that performed tonight out of the water.
-Leave it to Simon to always keep it real! That's why he's my favorite.

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