Friday, February 6, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week Pt. 2 (Group Round)

I don't particularly like the group portion of American Idol. I think it is unfair and just there to stir up some drama for the audience. If I want drama I will watch the Real World or some other lame reality show. I also don't think they should let people pick their own groups because then some people are left out in the cold. I guess I understand the need for the group round, so many people combined with so little time to get through them all. At least it is just one episode.

ARG! They spent entirely too much time on this manufactured drama and not nearly enough time on letting us hear the groups sing. It kills me how these people are acting like they are best friends when there will be only ONE American Idol so they are all secretly hoping that everyone else will fail.

Whoa! If you forget the words then you're out? I guess that's how things are but that sucks for you if you have a bad memory and/or didn't already know the song. And of course there were a bunch of people that completely f'ed up the words.

Now for the groups....

White Chocolate: India, Justin, Chris and Matt
-Song: Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"
-They sounded really good as a group even and they all made it through even though I don't think India should have made it because she was mainly rapping and this isn't America's Next Rap Star

Shelby, Julissa, Jorge, Nick
- The girls got cut (and rightly so) and the guys made it through. They didn't show the guys sing this episode but I remember from previous ones that they were alright.

Action Squad: Alex, Ryan, Anne Marie, Emily
-I don't think they sounded good as a group at all! Aww, I liked Emily, it is too bad she forgot the words. She wouldn't have won anyway.
-LOL @ Ryan saying he saw an evil in Paula's got cut, deal with it!
-I don't know if Alex or Anne Marie really should have made it through, they were okay but not mind blowing for me.

Rainbow Coalition: Danny, Jamar, Taylor, random girl whose name I didn't catch
-Amazing! They all made it which I agree with. As much as I didn't really care for Danny seemingly pimping out his wife's death for sympathy votes he is quickly becoming my favorite contestant. He tore it down when he did "Kiss from a Rose" and tonight he was just as good. I look forward to hearing more from him.

Team Diva: Rose, Bikini Girl, Lauren, Jasmine
-Only Jasmine made it which works for me because she was the best out of the group. Rose was good but she forgot the words so that's probably why she didn't make it. The Bikini girl is a b!tch and she couldn't really sing so I'm glad she went home.

Muna, Tatiana, random 1 and random 2
- BOOOO BOOOO BOOOO BOOOO! I can't STAND Tatiana, she better NOT make it any further or I just don't know if I can keep watching this how. I mean is she serious? Is she?? UGH! They all made it through, WOMP.

Compromise: Nathaniel, Nancy, Kristin
- I'm not really sure why any of them even made it this far especially that Nathaniel. And somehow Nathaniel and Kristin made it through to the next round. I didn't think Nancy was going to make it anyway so ohh well.

Some other people made it some other people didn't. I'm just ready for them to get down to business.

Simon's Quotes: "Does anyone have any Advil? Well you're going to need a crate.", "A session of horrors."

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Token Black Chick said...

I still have not watched even 5 minutes of the new American Idol. I can't seem to make myself care.