Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy's Review Part 1


U2 - I'm not a big U2 fan although I respect that they are great artists. I believe this was a brand new song that they were debuting for the Grammy's. It was pretty good. The song of course had a "message".

Al Green/Justin Timberlake - I love some Al Green but I don't know how much longer he should be performing although I'd take an old Al Green over Solider Boy any day. Of course Justin was good, even though there is something about him I don't like, he's a great singer/performer.

Coldplay/Jay-Z - Don't know the song....but I like. I especially liked Jay's rap, it was deep and actually had some meaning unlike most of the rap that is popular today. I might need to revisit their latest album.

Carrie Underwood - Love this song! The band was excellent and her outfit was interesting. I wasn't that impressed by her performance though which was kind of disappointing.

Kid Rock - He's doing inspirational songs now? This is a bit odd to me but okay. I did hear he was going to switch to gospel music. I like Kid Rock and this was a very good performance.

Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus - I guess I can kind of understand this pairing. Taylor sounded way better than Miley. Cute song.

Jennifer Hudson - She is just an amazing singer, much better than these manufactured artists. I don't know this song but I know that she SANG it!

Jonas Brothers/Stevie Wonder - Is Stevie using autotune?? I just really don't think The Jonas Brothers can sing, they sound horrible live to me but for some reason people love them. The only thing that saved this performance for was was Stevie, loves him!

Katy Perry - TRASH! Just another studio artist that sounds terrible live. She shoulda just lip synched then at least it would have sounded decent. She can't dance either...just a mess.

Kanye West/Estelle - I can't get pass the hot mess that Kanye is to really evaluate this performance. She doesn't sound as good live, I do know that much.

Kenny Chesney - Nice song and performance

Best R&B Album: Jennifer Hudson.....she's been through a lot recently so I'm happy that she won. Plus, I hadn't even heard some of those other albums.
Best Country Duo/Group: Sugarland - Stay.....I LOVE this song and the group. Although I like Lady Antebellum's album more.
Song of the Year: Coldplay - Viva la Viva....booo, I like all of the other songs way more than I like this song.
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: Rich Woman...I don't know these people who won or the song they won it for.
Best Rock Album: Coldplay...again??
Best New Artist: Adele....YEAH!!! I'm so happy she won, her album is wonderful and I like the fact that they actually let a plus size white woman win.
Record of the Year: Robert Plant -Please Read This Letter...still don't know who these people are.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
- OK Ms. Whitney! She looks great, damn those drugs, I think they've just messed her up permanently :/
- I'm still made they are remaking that Witch Mountain movie, but damn The Rock is FINE!
-LMAO @ Katy Perry's face
-Umm, is The Rock hosting?? Really??? 5 minutes in and he's already bombed 3 jokes.
-Is it just me or does the crowd seem really subdued?
-I love Duffy! I wish she got more airplay here.
-So they are BFF's now??
-What is Rich Woman and is it really pop?
-I'm glad Jennifer changed, I like this outfit much better than the last.
-Whose idea was it to combine Stevie Wonder (great) with The Jonas Brothers(trash)?? They should be fired.
-Is his arm still messed up from the plane crash?
-Kayne West's hair??? WTF is going on with him? He is too much with his smart ass comments.
-Morgan Freeman has a great voice, who is the next Morgan Freeman??
-Natalie King Cole looks like she's lost some weight.


Anonymous said...

It's real sad that good music is being crowded out by poor talent, good looks and people who simply can play but can not sing. Bruce can write, compose and arrange music, but his voice is bad as to the ear. The English should stick to acting because they act like they can sing but the last good music came out of London was over 20 years ago and that includes Ms Winehouse. The Jonas Brothers should be given a ticket back to Texas stick to modeling and not music. It's a good thing that so much of this bad stuff will not be around in 40 years.

Token Black Chick said...

Wasn't Al Green only performing b/c Chris Brown beat Rihanna down and they couldn't make it to the awards? (I can't remember which of them was supposed to be performing.) I really find it hard to watch award shows anymore in general, there's too much nonsense and ppl I don't know in between the things I want to see.

Token Black Chick said...

That one Jonas kid is sexy. :-) I hope saying he's sexy doesn't make me some kind of cradle-robbing perv.

Happyrunningbunny said...

Yes, Al Green was a stand in but dang, they couldn't find anyone else?? And yes that makes you a perv, LOL. I agree with Anonymous -they need to go back to Texas and become models or anything else as long as it doesn't involve singing!