Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week (Last Round)

Whew! Finally the last round of Hollywood week. Once this is over the next episode will reveal who the top 36 are and then we move on to where the competition starts to heat up.

This round of Hollywood Week the contestants perform on stage solo with a band and back-up singers.

Some Contestants:

Adam Lambert - I admit that he can sing but I just really don't like him. He did Cher and I don't think men should do Cher songs.

Matt Giraud - "Georgia on my Mind"....I really like it and he played the keyboard very well.

Jamar Rodgers - I like him but I didn't like how extra he was with his song and that piercing on his cheek still bothers me.

Danny - LOVES HIM! I hope he continues to do well although he may need a bit of a makeover to make him a bit more marketable.

Anoop Desai - He can blow but it just doesn't match his look

Jorge Nunez - Sounds better in Spanish

Scott (blind guy) - He can sing but he's no Stevie

Kendell - If she makes it, it is because she's cute

Stevie Wright - Nothing special to me

Lil Rounds - She should make it to the next round

Kristen McNamara - It sounded like she was screaming, she shouldn't make it through

Mishavonna Henson - I like something about her voice

Tatiana - Why does she keep trying to sing Whitney?? UGHHHHHH. She needs to get cut NOW!
Jasmine Murray - I think she is so cute and I hope she makes it through

Joanna - Awww, I'm sad she forgot the words because she can sing

Stephen - He asked to start over and still couldn't finish, too bad because he could sing.

Ju'Not Joyner - 1st time I've seen him, he sounds alright but I don't know if he's cute enough

Leneshe Young - I think she has a great voice. Too bad she didn't make it!


Room 1 - nade it - YEAH!! Some of my favorite people were in this room so I'm happy about this one
Room 2 - made it - I don't agree AT ALL with some of the people in this room that made it (I'm talking about you Nathaniel)
Room 3 - cut - I'm not surprised by most in this room but I really thought Lanesha would make it
Room 4 -made it - What in the world, I could have done without anyone in that room ESPECIALLY Tatiana. I really hope she doesn't turn into another Sanjaya.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I know Jamar and Danny are friends but are they MORE??? LOL
-Is it wrong that I think the blind guy should wear shades, his eyes creep me out.
-LOL @ the girl that got cussed out and how they tried to play her
-The way they do this holding room thing just HAS to be nerve wrecking! I'd hate to look around and see people that I thought sucked because then you just know you are out.
-I can't STAND Tatianya (or however you spell her name), how the hell did she make it this far!?? LMAO @ her and how delusional she is. Is this an act or is she for real?
-BOO to this guy singing Disturbia with a guitar! I can't stand him either.
-People are STILL messing up lyrics...so sad
-So they even out the guys and the girls? I KNOW they aren't moving Tatiana to a room that gets through! I hope they are moving her to a room that is getting cut.
-Who cares about Nick or Norman, uhhh both are WACK! He needs to just sit it down. Maybe he can have a career as a comedian.
-I know it is hard for the judges to make this decision
-Why do people think it is okay to be barefoot on what I am sure is a dirty ass floor?
-I'd be upset if Tatiana came in my room too!
-They really drag this mess out.
-Making them wait like this is kind of wrong! I mean I know this just has to tear them apart.
-I think they throw some "bad" people in rooms just to mess with people's minds. They know these people won't make it any further but they let them get through this part just to add some doubt in the contestants' minds
-Why do the judges play these mind games....I guess it is really for our benefit.
-LOL @ how Tatiana is over in the corner shaking, crying and then got up and gave the judges a hug.

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Token Black Chick said...

"Is it wrong that I think the blind guy should wear shades, his eyes creep me out." LMAO! You are crazy. (But yes, throw some shades on it.)