Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 Elimination Night

Ohhh kay so here we go.... Two people will be eliminated tonight. I predicted Lil Rounds and Anoop.

Group performance - Are they lip syncing? WTF Danny?? Cut that mess out. Okay this whole thing was just too much for me. The dancing is a mess with Danny being the worst of the group. Adam is getting it a little to much. LOL.

Freda Payne - I love this song but wow. Where in the world did they find her? She has to be like 80 but she looks great for her age. I don't know if I should be impressed or if she should sit it down.
Thelma Houston - Oh hells naw @ that outfit. What is going on Idol? She still sounds good though.
KC and the Sunshine Band - WTF! This is just getting progressively worse. And womp to his old @ss having those young backup dancers.

David Archuletta: WOMP. Snore...blah....he doesn't even sound good to me but I was never really a big fan of his anyway.

Bottom 3:
-Lil': no surprise here, she'll probably be going home
-Anoop: He shouldn't have grown that mess on his face
-Allison: What the heck. I don't understand why she isn't getting to votes she deserves

Who Got the Boot:
-Lil': It is time for her to go. If she would have gotten better each week then I would call BS but she hasn't. I would like to say that I'll see her around but I doubt it. I don't see her being able to come out and sell an album unless she really switches up and defines her style.
-Anoop: Based on his performance last night I'm not that surprised. I never saw him winning the entire thing so it was only a matter of time before he would be leaving.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-Paula has still got it!
-So now that Scott is gone they are really dancing? That's just wrong.
-Lil' is looking into dance? She probably should be, he has the body to be in rap videos.
-Why did they give Paula flowers? I'm confused.
-I still think these car commercials are stupid but I like that they are using this song instead of one from a popular artist. I do think they should have mentioned where that song came from though.
-Dang, they didn't even build up any suspense. Just booted her on out of there.
-Yeah you should have sang like that last night.
-Ha @ David trying to give the people in the bottom some advice on how it isn't over if you get booted off this soon,

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