Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol - Top 9 Elimination Night

ONCE again I think that Megan is going home but seeing as she wasn't even in the bottom 3 last week we'll see....

Bottom Three:
-Megan: Of course, I would have been pissed had she not been in the bottom 3 because her performance last night was completely terrible.
-Allison: WTF! I don't understand what is wrong with these voters. She is one of the best on the show, I don't know how she keeps getting put in the bottom 3. She better not go home.
-Anoop: Maybe he shouldn't try to be an R&B singer....

Who Got the Boot:
-Megan: It was inevitable because she just wasn't singing to her strengths. It was kinda messed up how Simon just told her point blank that there was no chance she was going to be saved.

-David Cook: looks and sounds good. I think he deserved to win last year, he was the most consistent and original throughout the entire season. In that respect Adam reminds me of David.

-Lady Gaga: She is quite strange looking. Her piano is crazy (in a good way) looking...translucent with bubbles, cute. She is putting on a whole production, most people just come out and sing. I don't really know how I feel about this whole thing...that zipper on her eye is scary, this whole performance was scary.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-Another corny Ford commercial....UGH....stop it
-I'm surprised they are doing this Journey song, it is such a karaoke song but they actually sound good doing it.
-I find it slightly amusing that they stuck Scott over on the piano, that's one way to get around teaching him the dances.
-Did they show the contestants at home last season?
-I don't think that the people being made fun of thought it was all that funny even though they played along nicely.
-No matter how they try to change up this elimination ceremony it is still long, drawn-out and boring every time. I'm not sure why I still watch this part.
-If I was in the group with Danny or Adam then I'd be relieved.
-Ryan really got Matt this time with the bottom 3 fake-out.
-OK I officially think that Megan is crazy the way she cawed over to the bottom 3 seat.
-Allison better had been the 1st one to get to sit down, she shouldn't have been in the bottom 3 anyway.

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