Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Movie Review - A Haunting in Connecticut

A Haunting in Connecticut – “Scary and captivating story”

Starring: Viginial Madsen (the mom), Kyle Gallner (Matt), Martin Donovan (the dad)

Plot: The story is centered around a teenager, Matt, that is being treated for cancer at a hospital located in a different town than his home. His parents decide it is best to find a house to rent in town which leads them to move into this particular house. They soon find out that the house was previously a funeral home. As the story progresses, stranger and stranger events begin occurring leading to an interesting ending.

Tamara’s Take: A-

I really enjoyed this movie. I love scary movies although I have been disappointed by a lot of them recently. This one definitely has some parts in it that make you jump and isn’t just a bunch of gore like the Saw franchise. I thought the story was actually a good one too and not something completely ridiculous. That could be because this movie is based on a true story. I find these types of movies the scariest because perhaps it could really happen. Although, not to me because I wouldn’t be moving into any old @ss house in the first place.

The main character, Kyle Gallner (Matt), is a good actor. I have seen him in several other things and I always think he does a good job. He does have a tendency to play the role of the sad, depressed, loner type kid so I wonder if he is really a versatile actor. He is young so I guess we will see in the future if he’s still acting.

If you are a fan of scary movies you will enjoy this movie.

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