Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol - Jacksonville, FL Auditions

I still don't understand why they are showing these mediocre people that they are letting through and not showing the good ones (at least I hope that the people we aren't seeing are better than the ones we ARE seeing) How much longer till the Hollywood episodes??

Simon's Quotes:
"It's like Inspector Gadget or something" "Good that's the direction I want you to take, right then right" "I've never heard that song like that, it actually got progressively worse""You're just going to have to get a job like everyone else and start a band in your free time"

Contestants That Made it Through (That WE saw):
-Joshua - Nice voice but he needs to calm it down
-Sharon (Dog Girl) - how did she make it through? I guess bringing a dog does work......
-Julissa - I say hell no! WTF is going on????
-Jasmine - cute but waaaay too much makeup for a 16 year old, nice voice but not spectacular
-Anne Marie - very nice voice, apparently she needs a makeover *best of those they showed*
-T.K. - I'll support since he's from NC but honestly don't see him making it to the top 12

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-LMAO @ this fake ass Justin Guarini! His sound effects were killing me.
-Why did this chick bring her dog? Simon was wrong for lifting up the dogs ears.
-I STILL don't like the new judge.
-I KNOW this ninja didn't kiss that dog in the mouth!
-It will never cease to amaze me that these people that can't sing HONESTLY think they can sing!
-That girls mom was DEAD WRONG to let her play herself like that...DEAD WRONG. Those cuffs..smh.
-AMERICAN IDOL. That laugh is terrible. Paula puh-leeeze.
-It's called shucking and jiving. Grown ass man crying?? He should have been crying because he sounded so bad.
-You didn't make it, cussing out the camera isn't going to help.
-Mariah SCARY perhaps....even her friend couldn't keep a straight face.
-What's with these non-singing nerds auditioning? This isn't a Star Trek convention. Are they trying to be the next William Hung?
-Okay, NC.
-Crying because you can't play your guitar? GTFOH - MAN UP....you better get a day job

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