Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol - Salt Lake City Auditions

This was the best audition episode thus far......

Simon's Quotes:
"Yeah, hopefully soon" (In response to someone singing, "I'll fly away")
"You have A SOUL, you just don't have SOUL"

Contestants That Made It Through:
-David Osmond: He had a pretty good voice, a touching back story, a notable name and a cute face so he might make it far
-Frankie Jordan: cute/marketable...Amy Winehouse type sound, hope she does well in Hollywood but I wonder how she will sound singing something else
-Megan: ohhhhh goosebumps, not soo much American Idol style but I LOVED HER
-Austin: only 17 and singing like an old man, pop it up a little bit and he could do okay
-Taylor: attractive although looked a lot older than 16, beautiful voice...I could see her in the top 12
-Rose: I thought she sounded great, the judges were more impressed with HER and not her vocals

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-why do they travel around to different cities when usually the people that make it through aren't even from that city.
-awww at the Osmond guy's dad
-oh hellz naw @ that "goth" girl and LMAO @ Simon's facial expression when he saw her
-ewwwwwwww @ the crazy looking guy licking out his tongue
-lucky rabbit (big ass friend dressed in a bunny suit) WTF!! GTFOH
-not a fan of sleeve tatoos, especially on women
-they always say "he/she is different" like that is a good thing but then when it comes down to the competition "different" never wins
-ohhh my @ the guy doing the hymn with the "soul vibe"
-I think it is amusing but just wrong how they show these people crying and talking about how great they are even though they just got cut
-how are people supposed to know what a good song choice is?
-I don't condone not wearing shoes unless you are in the HOUSE or at the pool

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