Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idol Episode 2

Recap from tonight's episode

Best Simon Quote of the Night: "It sounded like a cat jumping off the Empire State building and the sound that it would make as it hit the floor"

Top 5 contestants of the Night:
Casey - cute, liked the tang in her voice and she is VERY marketable looking
Jessica - surprised me with her voice (in a good way), but she will need a makeover if she's going to make it in the competition
Jamar - had a John Legend vibe, he just needs to tone it down a little bit....and I'm not sure if his look is going to help or hurt him
Danny - soulful white boy, that whole thing may have been "done before" but he killed it!
Lil - the only contestant of the night to give me goosebumps...she should make it to the top 12

My thoughts for the Night:
I understand that it must hurt to have your dreams crushed but if people had realistic expectations then things like this would be less likely to happen. This goes back to your friends and family being honest with you. My parents let me know from a young age that I couldn't sing and I appreciate that they saved me from future embarrassment because if I had to go solely based on MY judgement, I might have ended up being on one of the loser clips.

I think that I can pretty much determine if someone is going to be able to sing or not based on what they look like/how they frame the clip.

Your thoughts?

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