Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie Review - Gran Torino

Starring: Clint Eastwood and a bunch of other people I had never seen before.

Synopsis: Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) is a Korean War vet living in a Detroit neighborhood that has seen an increase in the amount of Asian people living there. Walt bonds with his next door neighbor as he protects him from a local Asian gang.

Grade: C

Review: This movie was just OK. The acting was somewhat sub par and I am usually a Clint Eastwood fan. He may just be getting a little too old. The movie was not supposed to be funny but I found myself laughing often (not really in a good way). Walt is extremely racist and makes some sort of offensive comment every 5 minutes. I understand that this is who his character is supposed to be but it got a little ridiculous at one point. Not to mention, if some old man was walking around calling me and my family swamp rats he would have at least gotten cursed out, if not slapped.

The acting of the other characters was low quality and I did not connect with them. The parts that were supposed to be moving weren't because I did not find the acting believable. They were unable to evoke any emotion from me. I also didn't particularly like the ending of the movie and whenever I don't like the ending it just pretty much ruins it for me. Oh and Clint Eastwood growled through the entire movie which was kind of annoying.

The only reason I didn't give the movie a lower grade is because it IS Clint Eastwood and he IS a great actor. I just think the movie would have been better if the other actors in the movie had been better.

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JoHnJoN said...

This movie Grand Torino or as I call it, The trash....There are so many things wrong with this movie i don't even kno where to start. 1st of all, this Walt guy was in the Korean war, and ironically his neighborhood in Detroit turns into Korea town. I mean, thats like the Grandmaster of the KKK's neighbor hood just turning black. I think before filiming this movie Clint watched the Dark Night 1 too many times, because the growling sounds like he could be Batman's grandfather. Someone should have told him to talk normal some of the time, gave him some tea or a throat lozenge or something. Its just really annoying and made me thirsty throughout the movie. Clint is just getting old...and its time for him to move on and stick to directing, unless he is tapped to do The Bucket List 2 or somethin, Im a Clint Eastwood fan, from Hang'em High, Outlaw Josey Wales, to In the Line of Fire. But this one just is really bad compared to other movies he's done. I just don't want to see any more sub par movies from him, and this just does it for me. He's like Michael Jordan when he played for the Wizards....Irrelevant. & as for the other actors, I don't think were really actors. I think they really were just regular people. I really think to save money they just went into that neighborhood and asked people to help out with filmin this movie. I wish i had more hands so i could give this movie more than 2 thumbs down!!!!! LOL Tam how about a review of Benjamin that was a great film!