Friday, January 23, 2009

Music Review: Lisa "Lefteye" Lopez - Eye Legacy (Album)

Tamara's Take: No Airplay!
The music industry should just let the dead rest in peace. I really wanted to be able to say something positive about this album because I was a huge TLC fan. To be honest Left Eye was my least favorite member of the group and I didn't even realize that she had released a solo album prior to this one until I looked this current album up on Amazon. That being said, I tried to have an open mind while listening to the album but my overall opinion is still a negative one.
The album takes you back to the 90's when Da Brat and Queen Pen were popular. As much as I love to reminice, I did not enjoy this trip down memory lane.
Lyrics - As a whole, sub par. I'm confused as to why there really aren't that many skilled female lyricists. There are some excellent female poets but so few rappers. There are no "stand out" lines, nothing that particularly moved me.
Production - There are some songs that had catchy beats but nothing mind blowing. And it was very apparent that they just pulled the previously recorded lyrics and tried to fit them over some new beats. Which of course we all know that's what they did but they didn't have to make it so obvious.
I was going to go through and name the songs you should put on repeat, just let play, or skip but for this album that is kind of difficult. Honestly, I would skip the entire thing! There is too much good music out there to bother with listening to less than mediocre music.
Recommended(not highly) Tracks - "Block Part" and "Let's Just Do It"

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