Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter/ Spring 2009 TV Shows

I LOVE TV.....probably a bit too much. I considered (briefly) giving up TV but right now I don't see that as a possibility. I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite returning shows and top 5 new shows for the winter/spring 2009 TV season.

Top 5 Anticipated New Shows
1. Dollhouse: A drama/mystery type show about a top-secret organization that rents out humans whose minds have been wiped clean and then imprinted with new information that will help them meet their clients desires. Produced by the same person that did Buffy which I loved so I'll definitely give this show a try.

2. Castle: A crime drama about a mystery writer whose writing is being mimicked by a real killer. He must work with the NYPD to solve the crimes. Hmm...this seems similar to some other shows that are on TV right now so it will depend on the cast to keep this show alive.

3. Harper's Island: 13-episode mystery event, a group of friends and family are on an isolated island to celebrate a wedding and wind up being murdered one by one. Everyone's a suspect. I love a new idea and this is something new. I look forward to seeing how this pans out.

OK, I thought there were 5 new shows that I was looking forward to but apparently there are only 3.

Top 5 Returning Shows
1. LOST!!!! Can you say, the best show on TV in a long time. If you don't know about this show then you must not watch TV at all. This isn't a show you can just pick up in the middle so if you haven't seen it, go get the dvds of the past seasons and start watching today.

2. Nip/Tuck: Follows the lives and career of two plastic surgeons. This show is crazy and each season it just gets crazier. I always think, "how can they top last season?" and so far they have continued to do so. We'll see if that holds true for this new season.

3. Medium: A woman who can communicate with the dead helps the DA solve crimes. I love this show, I'm all about the supernatural and this show has it all. I especially enjoy how they focus on the main character's home life.

4. American Idol: No explanation necessary.

5. The Closer: Follows a priority homicide department in LA that is led by a spunky southern woman. The main character pretty much MAKES this show. She's a wonderful actress and adds an element to the show that makes it stand out from all of the other "cop" shows.

What shows are you looking forward to in 2009?


Thee Daht said...

I MIGHT check out Harper's Island. EVERYTHING else, i'm sleep. I only watch Sports related shows OR HBO. Maybe one day i'll catch one of these but NOT Lost! Not going to get dvd's and do homework just to catch up! When's Entourage coming back on? And Curb your enthusiasm? And I LOVED Traitor!!! Don Cheadle is one of my FAVORITE actors man! Can't wait to have lunch with dude one da, as we're looking over our lines!

JoHnJoN said...

I'm with Daht on this one. I might check out Harper's Island, but maybe might isn't the word to use. & whats up with the dollhouse?? I thought that was a strip club. LOL. That show jus sounds to out of hand for me. As far as ur returning shows Lost has me just that.....Lost. This show has way too much goin on, and it seems like anyone that has been lost for that long needs to just be forgotten. American Idol is a classic, a good topic to always talk about, or disagree on, when you don't watch sports, but after the Auditions it jus doesn't hold my attention until damn near the end. NO TRUE BLOOD tho??? or Prison Break??? C'mon Tam....You can do a whole topic on True Blood and how great it is....