Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol - New York/San Juan Auditions

I'm glad the Hollywood episodes start next week, I hope some of the people we haven't seen yet are actually good!

Simon's Quotes:
-"So do we" (In response to girl singing, "I Surrender")
-"I can swim but I'm not going to win 10 Olympic gold medals"
-"What relevance is you standing there with a lion on your hand to a singing contest?"

Contestants that Made it Through:
-Jorge: his Spanish singing was better than his English singing...he prob won't make it past Hollywood
-Melinda: wow her teeth were white! She had a pretty good voice but she's weird so I don't think she'll make it too far
-Jackie: I didn't like her but I guess the judges did
-Norman: REALLY???REALLY?? I guess they do tend to let one of these through every season
-Ashley: just alright to me
-Kenny: cute and a nice voice
-Kendall: marketable and okay voice
-Monique: I'm surprised she made it through....she barely did
-Patricia: I didn't think she was that good and I just don't really like for people to try to do Whitney

Tamara's Train of Thought:
- Why couldn't I tell the difference between the video pan of NY and the one of Puerto Rico?
-Who the F*** is comparing these people to stars? When people say, "I've been compared to Mariah Carey...etc." it usually ends badly
-That was really nice of Simon to help that girl get her job back, a good thing because she will never make it singing
-hmmmm @ this pink and black've been in 700 contests??? You actually won one?
-I wonder how many people that didn't get past the judges on here went on to make it big? I'm guessing none.
-Why is this girl talking about dancing naked? And I need her to stop shaking it like that. LOL @ Simon's eyes when she walked in the door.
-This is a singing contest....stop dancing so dang much, it isn't helping and we can still hear that you can't sing
-This isn't a comedy show.....we don't want to hear your jokes or see your gimmicks
-Guypod?? GTFOH
-Simon really doesn't like all this bull$hit that comes out and I agree with him
-LOL that guy got Simon, *oh snap*
-HAHAHA @ that guy's face when he was singing really hard
-awww the little brother was sooo cute
-ohhh shoot....this crazy girl from Philly is back...i see she's trying to be less crazy this year...too bad she still can't sing

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