Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol - Louisville Auditions

Simon Quotes:
"The good news is that you are going to college"
"To put it into horse racing terms, it's like 22 horses and a donkey, you just don't stand a chance"
"What is the right competition? Wheel of Fortune?"

Joanna: was signed to A&E records previously, cute/very marketable, nice voice.
Brent: perhaps better suited for Nashville Star
Matt: Justin Timberlake lite
Alexis: commercial face but voice didn't match to me, it just seemed kind of odd
Random people they let through that we didn't get to see: hopefully better than the ones they did show a lot of

-People need to stop trying to sing Mariah Carey, there is only ONE Mariah Carey and it isn't YOU.
-They need to start doing psychological testing on these people before letting them come on the show.
-If you need a gimmick then you probably can't sing.
-What was up with his teeth? I don't believe it is possible to teach yourself how to sing, you have to be born with some level of skill.

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JoHnJoN said...

ok, Simon defintely stepped his swag up as Randy would arsenal of bonecrushing, dreamkilling statements was locked, loaded and ready for action...22 horses and a donkey...i can't wait to use that...

Joanna was cute, and could sing, but i really wonder why she got dropped, i mean she has to be bipolar or somethin....i just don't see why she would be goin on american idol when she was already what i say might not come out til she makes it to the top 12, but somethin is wrong with thst me...

Matt is definitely a distant relative of JT, give him some highlights, a vest and a tie, and he could fit right in his entourage

oh and i'm gonna teach myself how to rock climb by reading...and hope that the words that i read and understand help my ass up the mountain....what an idiot that guy was...i learned to sing by studying...smh