Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol - San Francisco Auditions

First of all....tonight's show was very mediocre and I wasn't really impressed at all.

Top 5 of the Night:
(it was hard to even have a top 5)

Tatiayna - this girl is loony and clearly just wanted to be seen, too bad she came off as completely ridiculous. And that laugh....terrible. I can't understand at ALL why they let her crazy ass through, there is no way in hell she's making it to the top 12

John - could sing but looked dirty

Allison - I liked that raspy thing she did with her voice, they should have given her more time

Adam - had done Broadway and it shows, he has a good voice but needs to tone it down a bit

Kai - momma's boy. very nice voice but somewhat old fashion sounding, it could have been the song though. He will need to fix him image...perhaps shave that beard and do something with that hair.

Simon's Quote of the Night: "I think you have a very good voice but you have the personality of a ship singer" (kinda weak, for some reason Simon was being somewhat nice tonight)

Tamara's Train of Thought:
- Who gets married in the line for American Idol Auditions?

-How do these people that are just weird and bad get through to the actual audition?

-WTF was up with that ugly ass coat? The carpet matches the drapes, ewwwwww.

-At least two people that we SAW were not good and should not have gotten tickets to Hollywood.

-Have these people never recorded themselves and then listened to it? I did and that's another reason why I know I don't need to sing in public.

-Nope, still don't like the new judge.

-That girl was messing up ALL the words she was trying to pronounce, sad.

-In most cases, if someone comes with their own original song it is a bad idea and that person isn't going to make it through.

-They showed too many bad people this episode.

What did you think about the show?

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JoHnJoN said...

yeah, this installment of american idol was very much so mediocre at best....by far the worst of the season, even tho its only been back for a couple weeks....

That Tatiayana girl definitely looked like a lil hispanic kid on sunday....i'm not racist but u've seen the lil girls in like a prom dress with some slouch socks, and shell toe addidas....and her laugh was jus crazy....i had a nightmare about it...

Simon's quote of the night sux, but ur right, he didn't say too in the entire episode

that wedding shit has to be just a plea for attention, i mean not only did he get down on 1 knee, but he brought the preacher and everything....i mean what if she would have said no??? i guess then the pastor could have said a nice prayer or somethin lol

My favorite part of the night was the girl trying to pronouce trachea....that was priceless..lol