Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol - 3rd Group of 12 Elimination

I have a feeling this is about to be some BS......

Group Performance:
-HORRIBLE! LOL @ how they changed the words of the song from "bitch" to "girl". Ummm that changes the whole point of that lyric. That choreography was terrible. Katy Perry can't even really sing. It kills me when they do songs by people who are manufactured artists anyway. That chair dancing is just the worst. BOO to this whole mess. They need to go back to just letting the top 12 do group performances.

Still in the Running:
-Lil Rounds: Hells yeah!! OK, I really wanted her to make it and I'm super happy she did. I was going to be pissed if she didn't! She is the best woman in the competition.

-Scott: maybe he DID get some sympathy votes because he surely was not the best guy and he wasn't even one of the top 3 in my book.

-Jorge: Great. I'm glad that he made it because if he didn't then that woulda been some bullish. He is one of the best men in the competition.

Wildcard Performances Picks:
-Von Smith: I'm not surprised but I still don't like him.
-Jasmine Murry: I really like her so I hope she makes it into the top 12.
-Ricky Brady: I can agree with this one.
-Megan: Honestly don't even remember her.
-Tatiana: GTFOH- I knew it was coming. I guess she went off her meds because she's back to acting crazy.
-Matt: I liked him but I still don't think he'll make it to the top 12, I'd be okay with it if he did.
-Jesse: I really liked her so I'm glad she's getting a second chance.
-Anoop: pull up your pants please! NC is representing. Did you know he wrote a 60 page thesis on BBQ?? HAHA, funny

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-Ryan gets on my nerves.
-I don't know if I'll watch this show next season, it is just starting to get really bad
-I know I've said this before but they really drag this mess out.
-At least Nate took off that headband.
-Most of these guys look pretty suss.
-It is still funny how they really get into it after they know that they've made it.
-Stand up and look to the left and the right, pretty much all of you are going home.
-I'm not surprised that Arianna went home, she did suck it up in her performance.
-That jacked up dancing did Alex in.
-Shut the heck up Randy!
-Whew....Nate didn't make it through yet. I really hope he doesn't make it as one of the wild cards.
-2 out of 3, not too bad.
-LOL @ Ryen calling Simon Darth Vader
-HA! People were laughing at her in the crowd

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