Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol - Wildcard Episode

I don't remember them doing this last season. Maybe I just didn't watch it. Okay so the judges get to decide this part. I would say I trust their judgement but we have one good judge and three idiots.

-Jesse: "Tell Me Something Good" - I really like her style. It is different from the other women on the show.
-Matt: "Who's Loving You" - I love this song and all of its versions. I think he sounded great and he looked a lot better tonight too.
-Megan: "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" - I like her but I don't know how I feel about this performance.
-Von: "?" - I'm not feeling the swoop thing going on with his hair. I just don't really like him but he does have an alright voice.
-Jasmine: "Refection" - So you just up and do the opposite of what the judges tell you to do. You don't deserve to make it simply for doing something like that. Geez and I really liked you. You still have a great voice though!
-Ricky: "Superstitious" - Waaaaaay better than when the Jonas Brothers did it.
-Tatiana: "Saving All My Love" - Didn't she already do this song? I just really don't want her to go through even though I have to admit that she didn't sound half bad this time....UGH, I hate that I actually kinda liked her performance.
-Anoop:"My Prerogative" - LOL @ him doing this Bobby Brown song. He did his thing though.

Those Still In The Running:
-Jasmine: I wanted her to make it through but I am a bit shocked because I don't think she was one of the best of the night.
-Megan: I think she has a good voice but I just don't think she should have made it through.
-Matt: He was great tonight so I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.
-Anoop: Whooo hooo, NC better rep!

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I think these choices are really determined by the producer to get ratings.
-Those back-up singers are fly, LOL
-I guess my hope that the word "swagger" would be left in 08 was just crushed
-People need to stay in their might THINK you have a big voice but that doesn't mean that you do
-Did Tatiana's accent change?? She is the worst. Maybe she thought since Jorge got through that it would help her out.
-LOL @ Paula calling Tatiana out about her manufactured accent that magically appeared out of nowhere
-OK, so I'm even more convinced that Anoop grew up around black people.
-Randy you are sooooo corny, please stop it.
-That was nice of Paula to say those things to Tatiana. I could so see her having her own reality show. VH1 would probably give her one, I mean they did give Ray-J one.
-Umm soo they are going to have a top 13? I don't know how I feel about this.


coffee said...

I was honestly sad to see Von leave even though he has a habit of sing out the side of his mouth... he could have done great things if he sang the right songs

KARAN said...

He has done great job. I also sad to see leave even though he has a habit of sing.I also Watch American Idol Episodes online and also download all episodes.

hater said...

If you gone through the history of American idol then you find out the person who made a come back through wild card entry goes longer in this version.