Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Product Review: Mighty Mendit

I have come to the conclusion that when I am old as dirt become an old lady I will be one of those crazy little old ladies that has a large collection of crap useful gadgets I've ordered off of late night infomercials. Those stupid infomercials ALWAYS make me want to buy whatever they are trying to swindle me into buying. Right now the only thing that stops me from buying them now is my lack of money good sense, which I will probably lose when I get older.

This leads me to my most recent product review. Mighty Mendit. I'm sure you've seen the infomercial with that same guy that is in most of them screaming and being extra animated while he tells you how wonderful the product is. I had some pants that I needed to fix the hem in and I'm no seamstress so I decided to see if this stuff would do.

Tamara's Take: Great of Hems, Not for Parachutes

I purchased my bottle from Target out of their "As Seen on TV" section. It only cost $10 for a good sized bottle. If you have some fallen hems or torn seams to repair then this stuff is great. I fixed the hem in 3 pairs of pants. (I'm short, all of my pants are hemmed) It costs at least $10 to get one pair of pants hemmed at the tailor and it NEVER FAILS, I will get my stiletto heel stuck in the hem and tear it. This was a quick and easy way to fix the hem and much better than my previous method of using safety pins. Now my plan for future pant purchases is to have my cousin cut them to the correct length and then I'll use this stuff to hem them. Money saved! Hey, I got bills to pay it's a recession.

This stuff lasted through being washed and dried and ironed (the label says to avoid putting direct heat on it but I tried it anyway and it was fine). That being said, I wouldn't go around trying to fix parachutes or other things that your life depends on them staying together. That would just be foolish.


Token Black Chick said...

LOL @ "Great for Hems, Not for Parachutes". And what is with that guy!!! He is always screaming in those commercials. Eazy-Off BAM! and whatnot... Nice career choice, buddy.

Happyrunningbunny said...

I'm just saying...

I wonder how much he gets paid, probably more than me :-/

Jenn. B said...

LMFAO I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GOT THAT STUFF! lol...but $10 is a great buy cause they usually have OUTRAGEOUS shipping and handling on TV. I did want this BUT now that I think about it I have no idea what I'd use it for! lol