Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol - Top 13 Performance

Tonight is the Top 13 Performance. I am both excited and apprehensive about tonight due to the theme that has been chosen.

Theme: Michael Jackson Songs

Contestant Performances:
Lil Rounds: "The Way You Make Me Feel" - I'm not too sure about that outfit and I'm not feeling her singing this song. She has a great voice of course but I can't help but compare it to MJ and it has nothing on that. The judges like her so hopefully she'll stick around, I do really like her.

Scott MacIntyre: "Keep the Faith" - At least the let him have the piano, he does better there, doesn't look as awkward. He does have a nice voice but not someone I'd necessarily want to listen to on my ipod. Oh, I was unfamiliar with this song but it seemed fitting for him.

Danny Gokey: "P.Y.T." - *swoons* I love me some Danny, he did his THING on this song. Paula was really feeling it. He needs to work on his dancing though cause he looked kinda crazy.

Michael Sarver: "You Are Not Alone" - I just don't really like him that much. He has a strong voice that sounds nice but there was nothing special about his performance. He didn't even really change the song up that much. I think he'll stay though because he's cute to the girls will vote for him.

Jasmine Murray:"I'll Be There" - Why doe she keep doing this?? She might be outta here. I think that she can sing, actually I love her voice, but she is singing songs that are too old for her. She needs to "stay in her lane" and take the judges' advice about going for the young, Rihanna demographic. Oh, and I prefer the Mariah version of this song

Kris Allen: "Remember the Time" -Hmmm, this song and playing a guitar. He looks kinda odd but I guess he has that cute guy thing going on. There is something about his voice that I like but then there is also something about it that I don't really like. I'm just indifferent about him.

Allison Iraheta: "Give In to Me" - What is with these young girls singing these old songs. I like her look and her style but she doesn't sound THAT great to me. I like her voice but I don't know if it is going to work for her in this competition. I hope it does though because she is very talented, at least she's young so if it doesn't work here someone should still sign her.

Anoop Desai: "Beat It" - He is funny to me. LOL at his dancing. I really like his voice but the performance was just so-so. He seemed to falter a some parts. I think he may have forgotten some of the words or either he was out of breath, I couldn't really tell. I think he might be going home after this performance.

Jorge Nunez: "Never Can Say Goodbye" - There is no doubt that he can sing and he sounded good as usual. I didn't think there was anything special about this performance though, it was a bit boring to me.

Megan Corkrey: "Rockin' Robin" - I think she looks very cute and I'm loving her voice. I hadn't really been a fan of hers but I like the old school feel her voice has to it. This is one of my favorite performances of the night. Coulda done without that bird noise at the end though....kinda weird.

Adam Lambert: "Black and White" - I'm not really surprised that he would chose this song, it seems fitting for him. I haven't like him since auditions and I still don't. I think he too dramatic and should stick with Broadway. He does sound pretty good though so we shall see. Apparently Paula is in love with him.

Matt Giraud: "Human Nature" - He really won me over last week and I enjoyed this performance as well. I think he sounds great and I really hope he sticks around for a while. I still think he is similar to Justin Timberlake/Robin Thicke so I don't know how much room there is for him in the market but I'd like to see him there.

Alexis Middleton: "Dirty Diana" - OK, now this is my FAVORITE MJ song and I don't really think anyone else can even hum it, let alone sing it. That being said, I thought that she did a wonderful job and I actually really enjoyed her performance. It was one of the more interesting performances of the night. She looked great too.

Simon's Quotes:
"And I hate what you're wearing"
"It's a little bit, little girl trying to be a grown-up"
"It was sort of like a meat and potatoes good"
"Very over the top and probably not as good as you thought it was"

Who is Going Home??:
There are 2 people that are going home tomorrow. I think they will be Anoop and Jasmine. I don't want Anoop to go but his performance tonight was kinda bad. I'm actually pretty terrible at determining who is going to go home so I'll probably be completely wrong as usual.

Tamara's Train of Thought:
-I'm still not sure why they chose this theme, it just seems like a bad idea to me. These people don't even DESERVE to sing a Michael Jackson song, UGH!
-It doesn't eve seem fair to make them sing MJ songs.
-Why is Lil always trying to change up the lyrics around.
-What the hell does Paula have on???
-I think to successfully do a MJ song you have to completely change it up like David Cook did last season, otherwise we can't help but compare it to the original.
-WOW, did you notice how Paula said "that's all it takes" when Simon said he just needs five minutes, LMAO!
-Clearly this guy isn't going to put on any shades, I guess I'll just accept it.
-Why does everyone get mad when Simon tells the truth??
-What does being "safe" really mean when it comes to a performance?
-Paula: "Take it all in" - hahaha, That's what HE said!
-The dancing WAS terrible, thank you for admitting that.
-I think that Jasmine wears too much make-up for a 17 year old girl
-Paula talks in circles, she confuses me.
-Why would you help out the other contestants? I guess that makes you a good person, LOL.
-OK Paula, you've gotten in trouble messing around with a contestant before....
-HA! @ Simon saying to keep the wife hidden.
-LOL @ there being like 15 people at that store to see her sing
-Oh shizzznit, if Paula says something negative then that is very bad for you.
-Adam's performance just wasn't that amazing to me, did I miss something?
-Randy said pretty much the same thing I did...does this mean I could be a judge?

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